On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 20:02 -0500, jbaker wrote:

>           o What would really be nice and make the dropzone a lot more
>             usable... if there is was a file browser built into it...

We are definitely not going to do that. File management is a rather
complex task, very specific to the target platform and already nicely
solved by other applications (these are called file managers). GIMP
tries to integrate nicely with the file manager that the user prefers to
work with. And that's it.

>           o I'm not sure if the plan is to have tabbed images into this
>             window... 

At a later point, perhaps. Definitely not for GIMP 2.6.

>           o Maybe add a double click feature to the dropzone to
>             automatically create a new default image (without the prompts)

How often is the default image what you want? Almost never, I'd say.


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