peter sikking wrote:
> Michael Grosberg wrote:
>> On Wed, 2008-03-26 at 20:58 +0100, peter sikking wrote:
>>> check it out when you have the chance.
>> Where can one see the new spec?
> same old place:
> <>
> but I actually meant check out the software...
>> To give my $0.02, I think Gimp should simply emulate what is out  
>> there,
>> namely the behavior of established applications such as Open Office  
>> and
>> gedit.
> I am really struggling to say something nice here... ah:
> The perfect family car was invented ages ago: the volkwagen beetle.
> That did not stop designer from creating totally different cars for
> different needs. And customers from actually buying better cars.

Sorry for interruption...

Speaking of the cars... Designers made different types of cars, but 
they've never broken basic principles we all got used to.

Following your analogy: We have serious parking place issues. Currently 
GIMP takes four parking places by default.

I like this kind of interface GIMP uses. I agree that one window per 
image is great thing when you get used to it. My only objection is that 
registering four of them clutters taskbars. Just for the record, I know 
about TAB key and Keep on top settings. :)


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