Am Mittwoch, 16. April 2008 22:03:06 schrieb Nicol�s_Serrano_Mart�
> Thanks for the advice. I've tried using ZoomPreview and it adjust to
> the drawable ratio. If i create a rectangular drawable the widget
> will be rectangular, what i want (let's see if i can be clear) is to
> adjust the width and height of the preview widget. It's adjusted to
> the drawable ratio and the i don't managed to change it.

As far as I can see, the width and height of the widget can't be adjusted 
manually.  If that is what you want, I would take GimpZoomPreview as a 
starting point to write a new GimpPreview class.  It probably would be just a 
copy of GimpZoomPreview with an additional constructor that allows setting 
the maximum width and height of the widget (which are hardcoded into 
GimpZoomPreview as it is now).


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