Sven Neuman wrote:
> Sure. Read docs/howto/txt/HOWTO-write-animated-plug-ins.txt in the GAP

> source code.

thank i read it and was a pleasant surprise, the process seems less complex of 
what i feared
and is described step by step

But at the very beginning, here

" 1.a  # for bourne and ksh users:
        export GAP_DEBUG
   1.b # for csh users
       setenv GAP_DEBUG y "

Now i don't know if i am a bourne, a ksh, or a csh user, i just know (and not 
as expert) how to use the terminal
of my distro Ubuntu Hardy Heron.
So is that default terminal adapt for this use (if not what else?)
 and if adapt is "a" , "b", or something else the command i have to use for 
start ?

 i fear that will not work with MathMap ( is only apparently able to memorize 
the last setting used but if called with the "repeat" option just run with the 
default values not with last used)
but i will like try with "liquid resize" that is another plugin i wish to use 
in animation 

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