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> Alchemie fotografiche writes:
>> " 1.a  # for bourne and ksh users:
>>         GAP_DEBUG=y
>>         export GAP_DEBUG
>>    1.b # for csh users
>>        setenv GAP_DEBUG y "
>> Now i don't know if i am a bourne, a ksh, or a csh user, i just know  
>> (and not as expert) how to use the terminal
>> of my distro Ubuntu Hardy Heron.
> If you're a Linux user and you don't know (haven't changed it  
> explicitly),
> then you're a bash user, which uses the same syntax as Bourne shell.
> So use 1.a.
>       ...Akkana

One thing is fur sure with linux is there's not ONE answer.

echo $SHELL

should give the console login shell XTERM_SHELL may be different.

Linux has more shells than a desert island beach. Each distro has it's own  


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