Ek kian wrote:
> hi, this is my first time to compile Gimp 2.4.3 under Linux.
> i can compile the same source under Windows without a problem, but
> under Linux after do ./configure and run "make", i got error:


Just to be sure, you got GIMP 2.4.3 in the form of a source tarball
distributed through gimp.org, right?

I have never seen this problem before and I'm not sure what could be
causing it.

Are you able to "make" all other subdirs than "tools"? (cd into them and
make them one by one).

Please tell us as much info about your system as possible. It would also
be interesting to see the complete output of ./configure when you run it
in a freshly unpacked release tarball.

You should also be using the latest GIMP 2.4 release, namely GIMP 2.4.6.

Martin Nordholts
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