Thanks Martin, finally i can compile GIMP 2.4.3 under Linux.

after i carefully delete generated files from the source and try to compile
it again, it's still failed.
the error msg that displayed is "No rule to make target POTFILES.in" so i
check the folder, there is potfiles.in but not POTFILES.in, then i try to
rename it from potfiles.in to POTFILES.in and try to compile again and it's

each time is always stopped at potfiles.in and after rename it to
POTFILES.c, the make process is progressing again, and also stopped again
when can't find file gradient cd.ggr that should be renamed to CD.ggr, and
the latest error is /plug-ins/common/cel.c that must be renamed to CEL.c
before make process can be finished to the end.

appearently the problem is on unpacker program that i used to extract
gimp-2.4.3.tar.bz2 under Windows, maybe it's have a problem with filename
that using uppercase, but this problem didn't appear when i compile it under
Windows because Windows filename is not case sensitive.

maybe i should unpack the tarball under Linux and try to compile it first
under Linux before try to compile it under Windows.

Thanks a lot everyone.

ek kian
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