Actually, I still don't see why Gimp can't either:
- move those fixed brushes to another directory
- or on the contrary, make a new default brush directory with
a new name, link the default brush directory to That,
while leaving scripts pointing to the old directory untouched.

Perhaps I have missed the explanation?

As for the "soon", actually, a decent new brush set can be
done within a few days if needed, without even starting a
contest. I actually already have one on my own desktop. 
That said, a contest would be better, but it'd also be
better for a beta compilation for both Linux and Windows to
be out first so that brush makers can test out the dynamics.

> Sorry, but I explained you in much detail that we have to
> keep the
> default brushes for now (until we have coded a solution
> that doesn't
> break scripts). Our only simple option at this point is to
> add some more
> brushes to the set of default brushes. I would very much
> welcome if that
> could still happen for 2.6. Which means that it would have
> to happen
> very soon now...

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