> Hi I'm just a user of GIMP, not a developer.
> I usually only use the brush-editor and just open the same
> brush all the time and changing size and shape the way I need it.
> I hardly ever use the default-brushes. So here is an idea I
> thought of, when I read your discussion:
> Why not set the brush-editor as default, just like the way
> it is done with the ink-tool.
> Everybody that needs other brushes uses the great amount of
> brushes you can already download from the internet. I'd rather 
> hope for a good archive of brushes on gimp.org.
> Just my unqualified 2cents

Actually, I'd be quite in favor of this, because the
default directory is barely usable as it is. I Also just 
have one editable brush open most of the time, though I'd 
like to access a greater variety of texture brushes if they 
are available.

(I do think non-editable ones should be included in default
though: just because 90% of people don't use 90% of filters, 
for example, it doesn't mean it doesn't make a nice impression 
to have Some of them)

I Would be pretty in favor of:
1. Making an editable brush open as default, with editor open
2. With a separate option to choose specific default shapes

Krita separates generic shapes from fixed-size shapes. Gimp
could do something similar, though it'd take more work.
Eventually, a possible set up could be something like this:


Some sort of marker separates the generic editable brushes
from the non-editable brushes, so users can easily tell which
ones they can double-click to edit further, while also keeping

That said...

> It seems like "right direction" is highly subjective :)

That's because Sven and I are looking at different issues.

I'm pretty much aware that if I were to ask the programmers
to actually Program something, then it may be years before
anything gets done because they have dozens of other things
to do.

My current observation is as following:
- the current default brushes are practically useless, take
a lot of space, and are hard to get rid of
- including a good default set of texture brush may be to new
users as much of an improvement as the newly-added brush
dynamics: they both allow them more effects.
- in making a new default, most of the works will be done
by brush artists and not require too much time by programmers
(save, apparently, moving the old brushes somewhere where
scripts can still access them)

Basically, I'm aiming for a decent improvement with (for now)
little work and that can deliver results pretty fast. For this,
I'm trying to avoid the issues that will deliver improvements 
on the same scale but take a lot more time.

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