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On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 6:33 AM, Aurimas Juška <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> Tagging of Gimp Resources project is an attempt to make it easy and
> efficient to organize Gimp resources (brushes, patterns, gradients,
> palettes). Currently the project is already somewhat usable, allowing
> user to assign tags, filter resources on selected tags, preserve tags
> between session and more.
> Screenshots [1] and [2] show how resource (brush, etc) docks look. As
> you can see, there are two tag entries: the one on top is to filter
> based on selected tags, on the bottom is for tag assignment. Tags can
> be typed with keyboard [1] (specifically for tagging a special
> autocompletion was implemented: autocompletes tags even in the middle
> of tag list, doesn't offer already selected tags, etc) and selected
> with some pointing device [2] (popup window stays open to allow
> multiple tag selection, it can be closed by clicking somewhere
> outside).
> Tags cache is stored in tag cache file (~/.gimp-2.5/.tag-cache.xml).
> The file is user editable, but that is normally not needed. Should
> user rename or move resource file(s) (brushes, etc), tag cache would
> detect changes based on file contents and correctly remap tags.
> Source code is available:
> svn://svn.gnome.org/svn/gimp/branches/soc-2008-tagging. Questions,
> comments and recommendations are appreciated.
> [1] http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/829/autocompletioniw0.png
> [2] http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/7020/popupcg7.png

Nice work! :) I like especially seeing how GimpData have no particular
name, just tags. (I am guessing that their name is currently added as
a tag though :)

After seeing how you have set up things here,  I thought of this:
There is probably a need to import tags when adding a set of patterns.
As in, person A packages up eight patterns into a .zip file; They've
tagged these patterns with a few things that make universal sense (eg
'stone', 'stippling',  or 'hi contrast'). It would help persons B,C
and D (users of these patterns) to be able to import tags for those
patterns from an existing tag-cache.xml file. This is particularly
useful as the number of resources in the packages increases, for
example my package of dithering patterns
could definitely benefit from it.
I am assuming that tag-cache.xml can easily be filtered by a script to
contain only information about the items that are being distributed.
So I envision a package containing something like


and when the user initially unpacks the package, they import the tags.
If they later want to recover the tags (since they may have deleted
some of them from their own tags.) they can import the tags again.

Do you have a plan to address importation of tags?

I'm sure you have a plan to provide tag renaming -- this would be
helpful for i18n, allowing a person to easily rename the original tag
to something in their preferred language. eg 'stippling' -> 'miksiĝi

Do you plan to implement NOT filtering? as in 'dithering -diamond'
filtering for patterns tagged 'dithering' that are not tagged

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