Hi Aurimas, I've tried this out and read your PDF, this is what I think:

The basic idea is good and neatly implemented. It needs more
consistency upon integration with SVN HEAD.
For example
 * 'Next Brush' / 'Previous Brush' actions don't move through the
filtered view, they move through the entire set of brushes, including
ones that aren't currently shown. Personally, most of the selection of
resources I do occurs when no dialogs at all are visible, just the
image window, so this makes tagging much more of a real benefit for
 * brush selector button and pattern selector button in tool options
is unfiltered

We would need a notion of 'current brush filter','current pattern
filter', 'current gradient filter'... and it needs to apply globally,
so that navigating to the next or previous item works, and filtering
occurs for all brush/pattern/gradient selection popups.

PDB-wise, plug-ins need to be able to filter resources by tags, and it
should be easy to get the e.g. 'current brush filter' for use in

As it is, this helps me a lot in organizing my palettes, and I hope to
see it committed to SVN HEAD :)

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