On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 3:45 AM, David Gowers
> There is probably a need to import tags when adding a set of patterns.
> As in, person A packages up eight patterns into a .zip file; They've
> tagged these patterns with a few things that make universal sense (eg
> 'stone', 'stippling',  or 'hi contrast'). It would help persons B,C
> and D (users of these patterns) to be able to import tags for those
> patterns from an existing tag-cache.xml file. This is particularly
> useful as the number of resources in the packages increases, for
> example my package of dithering patterns
> (http://gimpstuff.org/content/show.php/dithering%2Bhalftoning+patterns?content=81817)
> could definitely benefit from it.
> I am assuming that tag-cache.xml can easily be filtered by a script to
> contain only information about the items that are being distributed.
> So I envision a package containing something like
> blackgranite.pat
> diamondstippling.pat
> electricity.pat
> mypackagename-tags.xml
> and when the user initially unpacks the package, they import the tags.
> If they later want to recover the tags (since they may have deleted
> some of them from their own tags.) they can import the tags again.
> Do you have a plan to address importation of tags?

It is planned to create a platform independent resource file export
and import functionality. One user exports some resources to a package
(tags associated with resources are also stored in the package). Other
user can import resources from the package together with their
assigned tags.

> I'm sure you have a plan to provide tag renaming -- this would be
> helpful for i18n, allowing a person to easily rename the original tag
> to something in their preferred language. eg 'stippling' -> 'miksiĝi
> desino'

Yes, it will surely be possible.

> Do you plan to implement NOT filtering? as in 'dithering -diamond'
> filtering for patterns tagged 'dithering' that are not tagged
> 'diamond'.

I haven't thought of it yet but it seems a good idea. Also, currently
there is only AND search in tag queries. Maybe it would be good to add
even more flexibility to advanced users.
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