On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 2:32 PM, Guillermo Espertino
> Please consider adding typographic elements (logos, text) and
> icons/diagrams to the test images.
> One of the most critic use cases where downscaling shows issues is with
> high contrast such as dark typography on light backgrounds.
> This is particularly important when working with small designs for the
> web (banners, for instance, which end up too blurry).
I believe that most blurring problems originate from incorrect gamma
treatment .. the interpolation done during scaling and other
operations is only accurate if done in linear RGB colorspace, whereas
predominantly people use the sRGB colorspace which is nonlinear (up to
50% error can occur from interpolating sRGB values as if they were
linear.). Working in "CIE 1931 D65 Gamma 1.0" colorspace and
eventually converting to 'nativePC" profile to produce the final
picture might well improve your results. It has made my results
smoother and crisper.

(the profiles mentioned above are available from:

That said, if you provide a suitable typographical test image, I will
include it.
( I see no issue that a diagrammatic test image would show up that
wouldn't already appear on either Liam's complex engravings or a
typographical test image. So unless you demonstrate that, I will not
include a diagrammatic test image)

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