Hello. I've just completed the first half of the set (all specified
results before the patch). Currently image files total 66mb, I'm
guessing after adding the results after-patch this will come up to
~110mb. During this testing I found one obvious bug, it remains to be
seen whether the patch fixes it.
Anyway, FYI i'm attaching the bad result, which happens when scaling
the kingfisher test image down to 33.33% using Lanczos scaling.

I ended up eliminating most of the upscaling results, because the
amount of space used was excessive (600mb might have been the total
instead, before adding the after-patch results, had I not done this!)
Now the list of scales includes only:

50% 33.33% 12.5% 133% 3*66.66% 3*50%

I intend to try the patch tomorrow.


<<attachment: 33Z9.png>>

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