On Sun, 2008-07-27 at 00:28 +0200, Theodore Imre wrote:
> ...
> is watercolor   (brush color blending mode) going to be avaiable  in
> gimp's development version?

In the short term, the "Krita" program (part of KDE) does
have some colour mixing.

> Do you have any idea how badly a graphic artist wants this to be
> avaiable on linux?
Different user communities want lots of different things, often
very badly.  Pretty much all of them want more bits per pixel,
and if you did start working with colour mixing you would too, I
expect :-) so that work has to be finished first.  This was also
said in the mail thread.

It's generally better to assume that the developers have at
least a little imagination and knowledge of their area, rather
than suggesting they might not have heard of colour mixing :-)
There are only a few people doing active GIMP programming right
now, though.  Perhaps you could help out?


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