On Sunday 27 July 2008 22:57:38 Theodore Imre wrote:
> All such applications that i tried
> (sai,nekopaint,4thpaint) used a relatively low amount of virtual
> memory/cache space. So from what i read now, gimp cannot handle such a
> brush dynamics,because it is going to likely consume a lot of
> memory.How do these other applications manage to do it so lightly
> without much memory?
In my experience such applications offer little or no undo and as rule no 
layers. Either way its always a trade off.  Shi, for example offers a rather 
limited sized canvas IIRC. And most of these trades an application meant for 
photo editing can not do.

>  Rotating the canvas is also a very usefull feature that is valuable
> when you draw with a tablet (you cannot rotate your tablet because
> hand-eye coordination is ruined,but rotating it on the screen makes it
> easier for one to get the right angles of lineart)
This I agree to. Sadly, since tablets cost A LOT of money there aren't many 
people even among developers who would be willing to spend time on features 
that are there for just tablet users. Theres so much more to work on and not 
enough people actually offering code. Ill just do what I can to make the paint 
tools as powerful as I can. And having had a look at the code in question... 
It will be a while before a gegl based paint core has any chances of replacing 
the current one. Theres too many features that would be lost with a 
replacement. A slow transformation perhaps, but all out replacement... I don't 
see that happening somehow.

> But i really hope that Gimp doesnt just take design ideas from only
> photoshop and its tools and does not stick to photo manipulation
> only,while its foundations make it possible to grow in the right
> directions that make an artist use graphic software.
Like it or not GIMP is an Image Manipulation program. It can not and will not 
be a painting application. You may look at Krita and its developers to fill 
that need.
> A brush color
> blending mode would really make a big change and will make it a lot
> more enjoyable to use for drawing with a tablet.Gimp shouldnt really
> emulate real materials if it has that feature..
Blending mode? As in mixing colors on canvas? Please explain how this should 
work in your mind? It might not be very complicated to make a tool like that. 
Since I haven't taken a closer look at paint tools work at that level, so I 
probably could use the exercise.  Trouble is, any extra tools will most likely  
shunned by core developers and adding it as an option for a paintbrush is not 
IMHO a clean solution.

-- Alexia
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