> Krita's color blending is not really what Souichi had
> started with his patch. From my observation that tool 
> is trying to emulate real paints,and when one dips 
> the brush over the colored parts of the
> canvas,it absorbs part of the color, altering the color
> inside the brush, and after you draw on a clean part,
> your color had changed. 

Actually, although Krita seeks to emulate natural media,
it doesn't mean that it has to be a natural-media only

The nice thing about Krita is that it is very modular, so 
essentially any tool can be written as a plugin instead of
tampering with the core.

Also, the Krita developers are pretty friendly and open-
minded in my experience. Basically, they may not have the
time or interest to implement what you want themselves, but
if you can ask someone to port Souichi's patch as a new
tool for Krita, they'll probably accept.

Right now they've gotten into feature-freeze because of the
future KOffice 2.0 release, but then again, Gimp is also in
a particular situation right now because it's finally being
ported to GEGL after several years, so it will likely be
enhancing its image manipulation functions first. 

Also, KOffice 2.0 will have Windows and Mac ports, though I 
hear they aren't very efficient ones yet. If you discuss with 
the Krita community, you may have a better shot at implementing
the blending brush eventually than with Gimp.

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