while I see your points and I appreciate your comparisons of the
results, fact is that the current code has bugs that are fixed by my
patch. The most apparent problem is that the current code is using the
2-dimensional decimation routines even when downscaling only in one
direction. To see this, create a new image, apply a standard grid on it
using Filter->Render->Patterns->Grid and scale it down in one direction
by a scale factor smaller than 0.5. The one pixel wide grid lines will
become blurry. I don't think this is acceptable and so far the only
choice we have is to apply either gimp-decimate.diff or
gimp-decimate-2.diff as found on http://sven.gimp.org/misc/. So far I am
in favor of applying gimp-decimate.diff. Unless someone objects and
provides an alternative, I will commit this change this weekend.


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