A coupla questions from the newb...

I am trying to write my first python-fu plug-in and I cannot get it to install. 
 Here"s how I am pushing it to the plugins dir:

  cp VanDerWalt.py ~/.gimp-2.4/plug-ins/python-fu-vanderwalt.py
  chmod +x ~/.gimp-2.4/plug-ins/python-fu-vanderwalt.py

Then I look for it under <Image>/Filters/Render/  and it is not there.

It"s a color filter that attempts to extract the bluest pixels, 
like this:


  RED, GRN, BLU = 0, 1, 2
  bluemask = (image[...,BLU] > 1.4*image[...,GRN]) & \
             (image[...,BLU] > 1.4*image[...,RED])
  blue_layer = gimp.layer(bluemask, width, height, RGBA_IMAGE, 100, NORMAL_MODE)
  image.addlayer(blue_layer, 0) 


Q1) Is this even close?
Q2) can I continue to use numpy (as I was with wx.Python) or do these images 
have to be treated with scipy?

This is a volunteer project for the International Environmental Data Rescue Org 
(http://iedro.org), so if somebody wants to help me with it... the script is 
attached though it has not run yet  :-o

It is for converting rasterized weather charts (stripcharts) to vector data for 
weather modeling.


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