> When it doesn't register, is there any console output
> from GIMP?
> Chris

I"ve got things working now and use numpy to convert bluelines to SVG lines or 
a python tuple that gets written out.

It could be of general interest for vectorizing if it treated a selection.  

But I am converting scanned stripcharts, and the ink is blue...  One y per x is 
all I need, and there would be a slick way to do that with numpy; I"m just 
using a stride for line thinning.

The part I dont understand is this; I pass my bluemask to (Fremlin"s) 
write_out(drawable, image) as the image, it fails the assertion and does not 


def write_out(drawable, image):
    """by John Fremlin"""
    byte_image = numpy.array((image*256).round(0),"B")  # B is a ubyte
    width = drawable.width
    height = drawable.height
    bpp = drawable.bpp
    sys.stderr.write("write_out::drawable.width=%i drawable.height=%i 
drawable.bpp=%i\n" % (width, height, bpp))

    pr = drawable.get_pixel_rgn(0, 0, width, height, True)
    assert(byte_image.size == width * height * bpp)
    pr[:,:] = byte_image.tostring()

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