> >
> > Thanks very much, Chris.
> >
> > I am using your file now and made a coupla repairs,
> afaict.
> > But it still doesnt install.  Now I may know why, as
> running
> > it straight up gives  No module named gimpfu!
> AFAIK, you can't run gimp-fu scripts outside of GIMP. 
> There is a
> python-fu console (XTNS->Python-Fu->Console) that
> will allow you to type/paste code in.
> When it doesn't register, is there any console output
> from GIMP?

No, but if I try to import it in the console I get something revealing:
>>> import python-fu-vanderwalt
  File "<input>", line 1
    import python-fu-vanderwalt
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I would not be suprised if python objects to minus signs in module names,
so I have fixed that in my push script:

% cat push.sh
  cp python-fu-vanderwalt.py ~/.gimp-2.4/plug-ins/python_fu_vanderwalt.py
  chmod +x ~/.gimp-2.4/plug-ins/python_fu_vanderwalt.py
  cp python-fu-vanderwalt.py 
  chmod +x ~/gimp/gimp-2.4.7/plug-ins/pygimp/plug-ins/python_fu_vanderwalt.py

Still, it does not appear in the Xtns browser or <Image>/Filters/Render.

Maybe it has to be Capitalized , as in the script...

Nope.  That"s not it; I just tested for that, but it is something
REALLY STUPID.  <it>Je garantir.</it>


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