At 03.10.2008 14:02, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 2008-10-03 at 01:58 -0400, Alec Burgess wrote:
>> Clicking [Use Web Browser] changes parameter "Help browser to use:" to
>> "Web browser" but does NOT open anything in my default browser (Portable
>> Firefox 3)
> The code that opens the default web-browser on Windows seems to work
> fine for some users, and fails for others. It would be nice if someone
> who knows the Win32 API could have a look at this code and try to fix
> it. But given the fact that there is hardly any contributions from users
> and developers on Windows, I don't expect this to happen ever...
Sorry to here that :) By coincidence I have built the GIMP from trunk on 
windows recently (patches pending). I'm getting:

help.exe-Warning: Could not open 
'' for
  reading: Operation not supported

Perhaps you are missing GIO backends and need to install GVFS?

So my guess is: at least for 2.6 this is not working for any of the windows 
users. As far as I know there is no GIO/win32 backend which supports http.

But it should be relatively easy to restore the old win32 specific code 
which used ShellExecute() to open links. That should make the web-browser 
work for every windows user with a properly configure system.


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