Hi guys,

I checked out the existing GIMP JPEG-2000 plugin and found it to be 
unstable. It also built against a very old version of OpenJPEG. 

I have therefore made a  new one that should be a little more useful.

This new GIMP JPEG-2000 plugin is now available from :


The archive includes source and pre-built win32 binaries.

To install on win32, copy everything in the install subdirectory into your
GIMP plugin directory.

No other platform has yet been tested, but it shouldn't take much to get
them up & running.

The current version does not support adjusting the output quality, but
should be straightforward to add.

You are all of course welcome to modify, distribute, use and provide

The Windows version currently builds in console mode, with a Cygwin

I've announced this here :


You are welcome to do likewise elsewhere, or to do anything else of
interest with this 

JPEG-2000 is an excellent file format. It would be great to get this work
finished, cross 
platform and included with the standard GIMP distribution. 

Enjoy !

Best regards,

Steve Williams

Advance Software

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