> Can anyone point me at a link explaining how to switch the compiler/linker
> to msdev , so 
> I can remove the cygwin dependency ?
> I could do this by taking apart the makefiles and figuring out the library
> dependencies, 
> but a more straightforward solution should exist.
> I also had to add a WinMain command line to argc,argv convertor to gimp.h -
> you're 
> welcome to merge. This was copy & pasted from the net - I didn't write it,
> so it would be 
> worth someone checking it's ok. I was surprised I needed to do this. Maybe
> I have a 
> faulty build environment .. ? 

Well I'm not sure it is valid to call it "faulty" since you've obviously
managed to build something with it, but it doesn't sound as if you at
all use the build system GIMP is meant to be build with, namely
autotools (Automake, Autoconf etc).

AFAIK if you are going to build GIMP on Windows you should use
mingw+msys with autotools and friends. Doing it is a terrible experience
though and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. (The more or less official
Windows build of GIMP isn't even built on Windows but cross compiled on

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