Hi guys,

> build plug-ins that work with the "native" Windows GIMP.

At this time, this is all I want to do. I have no requirement to build the
app right now.

Cygwin as a tools environment on win32 is fine. The mozilla project uses a
similar setup 
and it works nicely. Tor mentions a couple of others.

The issue is not the tools, but the compiler/linker. When building on
win32, you want to 
identify this is the case and pick up a 'standard' compiler - usually
msdev, so that you 
build against the standard runtime, select appropriate compile/linker flags
and don't end 
up with Cygwin dependencies. Whether moving your entire build system to a
cross platform 
build solution is "easy" or not, remains to be seen. It is certainly
possible - evidence 
- the mozilla build system.

Regarding volunteering. No, thanks. No-one enjoys this work. It is tedious
and dull. 
Way too busy, anyway. Sorry.

> Use the mingw toolchain instead, and MSYS to run configure scripts and as

I tried this, *finally* managed to get the thing to compile after lots more

When I tried linking against an MSDEV generated openjpeg lib, I got various

I tried rebuilding OpenJPEG using MINGW/MSYS and it came up with missing
include files 
and a missing library.

I'll stick with the Cygwin dependencies for now ... at least it builds !

Next step. I'm done with messing around with overly complex makefiles and
tools. I'll figure out the required libraries and create an MSDEV project

> "should have taken" in an ideal world.
Well, yes.

> I don't think it can be changed at this stage, in case there really are
some packages 
out there where the location of the .pc file is not

Well, Unix pkg-config could be enhanced to assume a default location, which
could be 
overridden if the prefix= entry is specified in the file. That way, you
have complete 
backwards compatibility and can go through and remove the prefix= line from
.pc files, 
one at a time with testing to make sure nothing breaks. Anyone who wants a
configuration (which is likely the exception) can add a prefix= line to
their local file. 
This should keep everyone happy.

> The prefix line is present in the .pc files  ....

Best regards,


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