Curently Gimp is not capable of being set to a standart zoom in/out
behaviour that most tablet drawing applications have- that is zooming
in/out using the scroll of the mouse/tablet.
And zooming in/out in the area where the pointer is and NOT the upper
left corner (so there would be no need to navigate every time one
zooms in/out and loose lots of time)..

If Gimps developers would likely say my request is nothing important,i
would just like to ask why? There is no possible way of setting gimp's
keyboard shortcuts to  scroll up/scroll down.. also there is no smooth
scrolling. I really miss that feature for its a real time saver when
scribbling and makes the whole drawing process less frustrating.

The other thing is the position on the canvas when zooming in, gimp is
extremely annoying in that perspective,because each time after one
zooms,he has to navigate to the needed place on the canvas.Imagine you
zoom ALOT and then you have to scroll upon those pixels to find your
place..Its really annoying behaviour to go and zoom in the corner

The feature of zoom out-in behaviour mimicking software such as paint
tool sai or artrage or even google sketch up,or at least the option to
become avaiable to the user (if you dont think it should be
default,which im sure you will do just to save the time to implement
this basic feature), at least make it possible to enable by the
non-techie users that do not want to compile expresskeys (which is
outdated and doesnt work anymore) just to get halfway there.
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