Theodore Imre wrote:
> Martin, Thank you for the patient reply. My main reasoning about the
> scroll zooming is that one does not have to use the keyboard shortcuts
> to do it, which is perfect when drawing with a tablet.
> The reason gimp does not zoom in where i want it to,is not a bug,but
> my way of zooming- which is by choosing it from the view menu or the %
> menu on the bottom- whereas the cursor is not on the canvas then,
> thats why gimp zooms in the upper left corner i guess.

Don't reply to me privately please.

When using the image window menu entries under View -> Zoom or the zoom
entry at the bottom of an image window, the zoom focus point should be
the center of the image. If not, please file a bug report to with unamigious step-by-steps on how to reproduce the problem.

- Martin

> I really wish i could help somehow for this simple feature to be
> avaiable,but im really not very keen with code and dont understand
> gimp's source code to do something about it.
> Before i had a tablet i loved gimp,it was just after i started using a
> tablet that i found out that its gui is getting in my way and some of
> its flaws in design or lack of customisation doesnt make it a good
> choice for using with a tablet. Which i think is a pitty- there are
> basic stuff that im sure is not all that hard to implement or need a
> lot of man power to do..
> Some people try to patch up some of the inconviniente interface downfalls:
> this is another feature which i think makes gimp more easy to use with
> a tablet..
> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 9:57 PM, Martin Nordholts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi and thanks for the feedback
>> Theodore Imre wrote:
>>> Curently Gimp is not capable of being set to a standart zoom in/out
>>> behaviour that most tablet drawing applications have- that is zooming
>>> in/out using the scroll of the mouse/tablet.
>> That is correct, currently the Ctrl + Scroll in/out for keyboard command
>> for zooming is hard coded. I think it makes sense to be able to
>> customize that however, and if everyone agrees that all that is missing
>> is someone to implement it.
>>> And zooming in/out in the area where the pointer is and NOT the upper
>>> left corner (so there would be no need to navigate every time one
>>> zooms in/out and loose lots of time)..
>> What you describe sounds like a bug, if you zoom in/out you GIMP is
>> supposed to not move the pixel under the cursor in most cases. One
>> exception is for example when the image becomes small enough to fit in
>> the viewport; then the image is centered.
>>> also there is no smooth
>>> scrolling. I really miss that feature for its a real time saver when
>>> scribbling and makes the whole drawing process less frustrating.
>> Smooth scrolling is technically possible, especially since GIMP started
>> to use a mip-map for the projection. It shouldn't be very hard to enable
>> smooth scrolling when scrolling with the mouse wheel somehow, but again,
>> someone needs to write the code.
>>> The other thing is the position on the canvas when zooming in, gimp is
>>> extremely annoying in that perspective,because each time after one
>>> zooms,he has to navigate to the needed place on the canvas.Imagine you
>>> zoom ALOT and then you have to scroll upon those pixels to find your
>>> place..Its really annoying behaviour to go and zoom in the corner
>>> always..
>> Again, it sounds like you describe a buggy behaviour. Note that you can
>> pan around by holding Space or the Middle Mouse Button, and then move
>> the mouse.
>> Best regards,
>> Martin Nordholts
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