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Theodore Imre wrote:
> Curently Gimp is not capable of being set to a standart zoom in/out
> behaviour that most tablet drawing applications have- that is zooming
> in/out using the scroll of the mouse/tablet.

That is correct, currently the Ctrl + Scroll in/out for keyboard command
for zooming is hard coded. I think it makes sense to be able to
customize that however, and if everyone agrees that all that is missing
is someone to implement it.

> And zooming in/out in the area where the pointer is and NOT the upper
> left corner (so there would be no need to navigate every time one
> zooms in/out and loose lots of time)..

What you describe sounds like a bug, if you zoom in/out you GIMP is
supposed to not move the pixel under the cursor in most cases. One
exception is for example when the image becomes small enough to fit in
the viewport; then the image is centered.

> also there is no smooth
> scrolling. I really miss that feature for its a real time saver when
> scribbling and makes the whole drawing process less frustrating.

Smooth scrolling is technically possible, especially since GIMP started
to use a mip-map for the projection. It shouldn't be very hard to enable
smooth scrolling when scrolling with the mouse wheel somehow, but again,
someone needs to write the code.

> The other thing is the position on the canvas when zooming in, gimp is
> extremely annoying in that perspective,because each time after one
> zooms,he has to navigate to the needed place on the canvas.Imagine you
> zoom ALOT and then you have to scroll upon those pixels to find your
> place..Its really annoying behaviour to go and zoom in the corner
> always..

Again, it sounds like you describe a buggy behaviour. Note that you can
pan around by holding Space or the Middle Mouse Button, and then move
the mouse.

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Martin Nordholts
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