Alexia Death ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote (in part)  (on 2008-11-26 at
 DnD issues from firefox AFAIK have nothing to do with GIMP... Its the
 way FF handles dragging of images. The path resulting from dragging
 an image is not a valid file path, because firefox cache is a bit
 different than IE-s simple filesytem. In Linux it seems firefox
 passes URL-s and  GIMP fetches the image...

 As to debug output --verbose and -c flags are needed.

Changing to use these two lines to invoke GIMP from a cmd.exe window:
>set GIMP_LOG=dnd
>"D:\Program Files\GIMP-2.6\bin\gimp-2.6.exe" --verbose -c

gives more output ... last 5 lines shown below ...
INIT: gui_restore_after_callback
Parsing 'C:\Documents and Settings\Alec\.gimp-2.6\menurc'
Parsing 'C:\Documents and Settings\Alec\.gimp-2.6\devicerc'
Parsing 'C:\Documents and Settings\Alec\.gimp-2.6\controllerrc'
Parsing 'C:\Documents and Settings\Alec\.gimp-2.6\colorrc'
loading menu 'D:\Program Files\GIMP-2.6\share\gimp\2.0\menus\image-menu.xml' for /image-menubar
dragging an image from IE7 to "empty image window" or toolbar does not generate any additional lines in the GIMP output window.

Sven ... was there some additional output you expected me to see there?

Again FWIW - every time I drag-and-drop and image from either IE7 or from the Desktop or Windows Explorer (and it creates a new image window) I get another occurrence in the GIMP output window of the line:
loading menu 'D:\Program Files\GIMP-2.6\share\gimp\2.0\menus\image-menu.xml' for /image-menubar
but when I drag and drop on an already open image creating a new layer instead of a new image no output is generated to the GIMP output window.

As an experiment I tried dragging the same image from both IE7 and Firefox 3 to both Microsoft Word and Thunderbird.

Images from both IE7 and Firefox 3 could be successfully dragged to a Thunderbird compose window.

Dragging from IE7 to Microsoft Word resulted in the image being displayed, while dragging from Firefox 3 to Microsoft Word resulted in just the URL to the image being displayed.

That squares I think with what Alexia is saying ... that Thunderbird understandably understands the caching mechanism used by Firefox while Microsoft Word does not but can (at least) figure out the underlying URL. If GIMP (or is this a GTK+ function(?)) can't directly access the cached file ... maybe as a work around, it could "recognize" the URL info and do an automatic File-Open URL ...?

FWIW: I *CAN* drag an image from Firefox 3 and drop on the Desktop (or on an open Windows Explorer window) and then drag that file from the Desktop to either toolbox (created as a new image window as expected) or an already open image (created as a new layer as expected) ... which to me (perhaps showing only my naivety) implies this s/b a solvable problem.

Regards ... Alec   ([EMAIL PROTECTED] & WinLiveMess - [EMAIL PROTECTED])

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