Bug 561973 was filed by someone else about problems using Drag-and-drop 
from Firefox images to Gimp 2.6.3 in Windows. (Drag-and-drop from IE or 
from an IEView tab in Firefox works fine)

Sven requested that OP post results from Gimp-log showing drag-and-drop 

I tried unsuccessfully to get this info. (see selected posts from that 
bug below).

Sven requested that someone else tell "this fellow" (me :-)) how to do 
it in Windows. No response so far on the bug.

Any takers?

FWIW: running Gimp 2.6.3 on Windows XP SP3 - drag-n-drop of an image from
Firefox 3.0.4 does NOT work, but does from IE7. Fortunately, using Firefox
addon IEView to switch to use the IE rendering engine DOES allow images to be
dragged to GIMP (either creating a new layer if dragged onto an open image or a
new image if dragged onto toolbox).

IIRC: I'd seen somewhere (wrt to an earlier 2.4 or 2.6 version) that dnd from
IE7 worked but did not work from Firefox. I tried to find a bugzilla report
about this w/o success so I guess it had never been filed before?

When attempting to drag from Firefox it shows the slashed-circle icon.

re: Gimp-log ...
I opened a command window and executed:
>set GIMP_LOG=dnd
>"D:\Program Files\GIMP-2.6\bin\gimp-2.6.exe"

and then dragged from the IEView tab in Firefox to the empty window display
which worked but I can't find any file that GIMP is logging to. It doesn't
appear in the command window.

Starting "gimp --help" shows an option -c for console window and I thought that
might be where the gimp-log output would go to - apparently not!
All I get in that window is two lines (apparently irrelevant):
Skipping duplicate plug-in: 'D:\Program
Skipping duplicate plug-in: 'D:\Program
DND from IE-View tab in Firefox continues to work but fails from normal Firefox
We need the debug output. Can anyone please tell this fellow how to get the
debug output on Windows?


Regards ... Alec   ([EMAIL PROTECTED] & WinLiveMess - [EMAIL PROTECTED])

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