* El 17/12/08 a las  0:08, Sven Neumann chamullaba:

> Hi,
> On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 16:21 -0200, Luis A. Florit wrote:
> >     I have a script-fu that worked fine in 2.4 and it's broken in 2.6.
> > It had a conditional to apply the layer's mask if it exists. This is
> > what it read:
> >
> >   (cond
> >       ((gimp-layer-get-mask SharpenLayer)(gimp-layer-remove-mask 
> > SharpenLayer 0))
> >   )
> >
> > Now it is broken.
> How exactly is it broken? It really doesn't help to say that
> something is broken if you don't explain in more detail what happens
> and what you expect to happen. This might be a bug that can be fixed
> easily, but we need a useful error description and perhaps a simple
> test script in order to find out.

Sorry, you're right (although I was as clear as script-fu itself...)
GIMP just opens the typical pop-up window saying that there was an
error in the procedure, without saying which kind error was it).
I don't have 2.6 installed here, sorry for not being more precise.
I expect no error, of course.

> Perhaps we need to add gimp-layear-has-mask then.

Or at least gimp-layer-remove-mask to do nothing if no mask exists.
Strange that the script-fu routine worked in 2.4: the routine
gimp-layer-get-mask returns the mask, it is not boolean, so it
shouldn't really work as a conditional...

> Until then you could use gimp-plugin-set-pdb-error-handler to take
> over the error handling in order to suppress the warning.

But then the script will not work in 2.4 (could not find that
procedure in 2.4).



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