> I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my laptop and would like to give it try, but I
> couldn’t find a way to start. I tried to read developer.gimp.org FAQ, but
> it is very short describing where to get source code, how to produce build,
> what build tool I need to use, how to check out files, how to produce
> submission, what type of comment s the submission should have, where to get
> review for my change and so one. I’m sure you guys know all this – and it
> is perhaps written somewhere.

The process of installing the files that are required for development differs 
a bit from distribution to distribution.

Explaining development for all flavours of operating system that The Gimp runs 
on would go far beyond the project itself, so you won't possibly find much 
information on that with regards to your flavour of operating system here but 
rather in groups that focus on that specific operating system / distribution 
you are using.  in case of ubuntu, I'd say that you probably will find some 
more details at http://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://wiki.ubuntu.com/.

Anyway, for ubuntu, you should begin with installing the build-essentials 
package and the source file package for the software you want to mess with. 
Normally there will still be some more pre-requisites to be matched, mostly 
the so-called dev-packages which provide the header files for some of the 
libraries that the project is going to be linked against, so you need to 
install them, too - as well as some tools for internationalization, editing, 
version control,  etc.



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