On Fri, 2009-01-30 at 14:33 -0600, Glimmer Labs wrote:
> I have been developing a plugin that involves users editing files and
> I need to be able to prompt them to save when the gimp closes.
> I have tried using the quit signal in pluginInfo:
> GimpPlugInInfo PLUG_IN_INFO =
> {
>   NULL,
>   quit,
>   query,
>   run
> };
> This only seems to be called, however, when the plugin closes and not
> the gimp.
> (It is a GTK plugin with it's own window like script-fu, I get the
> signal when I close the plugin window, but if the user closes the gimp
> I have no way to clean up.)
> Is this a bug or is my understanding of what this callback is supposed
> to do flawed?

The latter. The quit function is called by libgimp whenever the plug-in
quits, not when GIMP quits. This is not very useful, but that is how it
was designed a long time ago.

I am not entirely sure how plug-ins are quit by the core when the GIMP
core exits. It would probably make sense to make sure that the plug-in's
quit function is called. On the other hand we don't want the application
to hang there waiting for plug-ins to quit. If you want to investigate
this further, we could try to help you to fix this issue.


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