I don't know if this can be considered as a bug, but I'd like to discuss
some potential issues in the color profile embedding strategy.
Currently (correct me if I'm wrong) the procedure for images without
embedded profile is to silently embed the working RGB profile upon
This can be really problematic when the user has a sequence of images
without profile (for instance a rendering from a 3D program) and want to
retouch a couple of images.
The result will be that the retouched images will have a profile and the
others won't, and that can bring troubles when importing the image
sequence into a color managed software.
A simple way to avoid this would be to ask when an image without profile
is opened, just like when an image with a different profile than the
working profile is opened. A dialog could allow the user to choose
wheter to keep the image unmanaged or embed the working profile.

Additionally, a label on the top of the window stating the profile
embedded (or the absence of a profile) by the image mode would make the
status of the color management to the user.

Also the feature that avoids saving an image that hasn't been modified
in some way conflicts with the silent profile embedding. The profile
insertion is a change, but that feature isn't aware of that change. The
dialog for "keep unmanaged/embed profile" would serve to fix this as
well: If the user selected the embedding, then there is a change. If
not, the opened image is unmodified and can be closed without saving.

What do you think?


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