Guillermo Espertino wrote:
> I'd like to discuss
> some potential issues in the color profile embedding strategy.
> Currently (correct me if I'm wrong) the procedure for images without
> embedded profile is to silently embed the working RGB profile upon
> opening.
> What do you think?

I think we should have behave like this:

* Color profiles shall only be embedded/referenced in an exported/saved
image if there is a color profile attached to the GimpImage

* When opening an image without a color profile attached, it shall be
*displayed* as if it would be in the color space specified by the
working color profile in Preferences but we shall not attach the working
space color profile to the image

So, opening an unmanaged image will display it as if it is in the color
profile specified in Preferences, but since a color profile will not be
attached to the image unless the user does Image -> Mode -> Assign Color
Profile, no color profile will be embeded/referenced when the image is
resaved, and we would not have to show annoying dialogs whenever the
user opens an un-color-managed image.

- Martin
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