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> As a sidenote I was wondering why the screenshot plugin defines its menu
> entry as "<Image>/File/Create/Acquire", but the menu entry shows up as
> File->Create->Screenshot. Why is the extra "Acquire" there?

The "Acquire" portion of the Screenshot plug-in's menu registration  
specifies the menu subgroup to which the command is added. These menu  
subgroups (called "placeholders" in GIMP terminology) are typically  
separated by the menu separator lines in the menu/submenu. Within a  
placeholder's group, menu commands are dynamically sorted in  
alphabetical order employing the current locale translation, but the  
placeholder groups' menu positions are fixed relative to each other.

To my understanding, extensive documentation does not yet exist on  
GIMP's placeholders, nor is their mechanism accessible through the  
Procedural DataBase (i.e., you can't create new placeholder groups  
from a plug-in). You can find out the existing placeholder groups by  
grepping the XML source in the menus directory  

I imagine the GIMP developers would welcome contributions of further  
documentation and PDB bindings for menu placeholders.

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