Fredrik Alströmer wrote:

> Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just be careful
> with the idea of letting the user 'build the UI he wants', it could
> easily get out of hand.

now that this discussion fires up and that it has been casually
road-mapped for 2.10...

I also see that this can easily can get out of hand, but I am
committed no to not let it. That means that I will be aiming for
a system with a low number of settings that naturally follows
users' actions and keeps layouts together.

side-by-side comparison: we'll see if that can be done without
confusion about what the active image is.

a mix of multiple windows with multiple tabs: we'll see if that can
be done without confusion about how the next (new) image opens
(tab or window?).

I do not intent to introduce more than 2 new menu items in the menubar,
so that really puts the brakes on how out of hand this is going to get.


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