> Hi, I wasn't sure who to contact, so I joined this list in the hopes I
> could reach some developers.
> I'll try to keep this succinct.
> I recently switched to Ubuntu and Gimp with great excitement, finally
> free of Satan's Empire! But my happiness was short lived because it
> turns out my ability to use Gimp, and therefore Ubuntu, hinged on a
> seemingly minor glitch- no text box with word wrap.
> I do simple graphic design- mostly ads for local businesses- usually
> with text. In order to play with a body of text, changing fonts and
> sizes, etc, you have to have a text box... hitting enter might work
> for one line, but formatting a paragraph like that would take... well,
> longer than booting up Windows and getting into Photoshop.
> I'm in and out of Photoshop all the time, so booting Windows just to
> use it doesn't really work for me- so I just use Windows, which means
> I'm not using Ubuntu, all because Gimp doesn't have this feature.
> So that's my story. If I had my way I would never use Windows or
> Photoshop again- Adobe ruined Seattle's coolest neighborhood, after
> all, and Microsoft ruined, well, everything else.
> So I hope this gets read by someone who has some ability to make text
> boxes a feature in future releases.

When you select the Text tool, one of the options is to show the
editor, tick that.


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