On Sun, 2009-03-08 at 11:30 -0700, joff roepcke wrote:

> I do simple graphic design- mostly ads for local businesses- usually
> with text. In order to play with a body of text, changing fonts and
> sizes, etc, you have to have a text box... hitting enter might work
> for one line, but formatting a paragraph like that would take... well,
> longer than booting up Windows and getting into Photoshop.

The text tool in GIMP 2.6 does have a text box with line wrap. It might
not have all the features you demand, but it does line-wrapping just

But honestly, if you are trying to layout longer paragraphs in GIMP,
then you are simply using the wrong tool for the job. You might want to
look at a page layout program such as Scribus instead. Or you might find
Inkscape, a vector editor, more useful.


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