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> Hi,
> Do we need the full complexity of the current image hoses for this?
> Looks like a simple linear series of brushes could be sufficient.
No and no respectively, IMO.
Don't need full image-hose functionality for this; however IMO at
least 2d sets of brushes are required for good flexibility (and then,
lets say that we can map 'pressure' to 'brush dimension 1' and
'random' to 'brush direction 2' and this is a typical kind of user
experience. IMO this is both a comfortable and flexible setup), and
supporting 3d sets would reasonably cover the possibilities of
'unexpected utilizations'.

>> I have been thinking about SVG as direct brush format and I think that
>> using specifically named meta data fields for the SVG should be
>> enough. I think its important to allow the use of stock inkscape to
>> create such brushes.
> We can't depend on Inkscape to add the GIMP-specific data. So it looks
> like the main job of this project would be to add a user interface to
> GIMP that allows to import SVG files and saves them with additional data
> as GIMP vector brushes in the GIMP brush folder.
> It will also be tricky to read this data back when loading the SVG
> brush. As far as I can see, librsvg doesn't provide any hooks for
> application-specific data in the SVG file. We might have to parse the
> file twice, but I guess that's OK. We would just mmap the brush file and
> pass it through a GimpXmlParser for the metadata and to
> rsvg_handle_new_from_data() to get the SVG rendered.
>> For multiple stamps in one file layers should be used just like for
>> image hoses now in gimp.
> SVG doesn't have a concept of layers. It does support animation, but
> animation in SVG is rather complex and not well suited for our needs.

Groups is fine for this IMO -- it's the same way that Inkscape stores
all it's icons in one file; same principle (and, inkscape layers
render down to SVG groups :)
We would just need to ensure meaningful IDs for the group (eg
brush_00_01 for the brush at coordinate 0,1 in brush dimensions)

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