David Odin wrote:
> Drizzt was comparing the linux kernel _user_ interface with the
> gimp's _user_ interface.

Comparing a kernel "user interface" with an image editor user interface
is just plain silly.

>> [...]
> Well, of course, everything could be better if more people would be
> even allowed to work on gimp. But I guess this won't happen since even
> confirmed former contributors aren't even allowed to commit trivial
> patches without having to explain many times what these patches do, and
> pass many many controls. You did everything to discourage people to
> contribute, so now, please, don't tell people you need ressources to
> maintain the whole mess.

I can't let you attack Sven like this without commenting on it. If you
are talking about the patch I think you are talking about it was not a
trivial patch. And there is nothing wrong with requiring changes to be
of high quality.

Getting commit access in open source projects is all about trust and the
way you are acting is not very strategic if you want to regain trust to
commit non-trivial stuff. But then that is of course not what you want.
You announced a few months back that you officially quit the GIMP
project. All you want to do is taking some kind of revenge by talking
shit about Sven. It is pathetic.

- Martin
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