On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 21:38 +0100, drizzt wrote:

> The kernel internals are moving, and a lot, but this the user don't care 
> about. 
> you can rewrite gimp every day if you want, nobody (or no user at least) will 
> care, if the user interface is stable.

Sorry, but the GIMP user interface sucks and that urgently needs to
change. We have plans to improve it and we are not going to make every
change optional just to please some users that are not willing to follow
us on the user interface changes. And we are going to make some much
more drastic changes in the future.

Whenever we do a change we try to be very careful so that we don't break
existing work-flows. Sometimes we fail at this and introduce a
regression for certain use cases we did not consider. Usually when this
happens, we are perfectly willing to make further changes to fix this.

This whole discussion is so pointless. You are making a comparison to
the Linux kernel that is completely inadequate and at the same time you
did not give a single concrete example of a change that you disliked. Or
even bothered to explain what you dislike about it. It appears that your
only problem is that things are changing. Sorry, but you will have to
get along with that. We are not going to stop ourselves from changing
the GIMP user interface to the better.


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