On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 20:29 +0100, David Odin wrote:

> >
>   Still that narrow minded? You obviously didn't read the drizzt's post
> at all! Drizzt was comparing the linux kernel _user_ interface with the
> gimp's _user_ interface.

As far as I know the kernel doesn't have a user interface in the sense
the term is used for a graphical user application such as GIMP. It does
provide a lot of interfaces to device drivers and to the higher levels
of the operating system though. And these interfaces are changing quite

Perhaps this was a misunderstanding. I don't really understand the
purpose of the Linux kernel example.

>   Well, of course, everything could be better if more people would be
> even allowed to work on gimp. But I guess this won't happen since even
> confirmed former contributors aren't even allowed to commit trivial
> patches without having to explain many times what these patches do, and
> pass many many controls.

No idea what you are referring to here. Can you explain to me what you
are talking about? Of course there is a patch review process. It would
be insane not to have one. But we are trying hard to review patches very
fast. Did you really have to wait an unreasonable time to have your
patches reviewed?


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