Eduardo Barijan wrote:

> Hello Gimp coders!
> I was thinking about 2 new features that would help a lot.
> 1 - the auto-save job. When you`re working and gimp crashes, your work
> is lost =x. If not a auto-save, a .bak file that you can save as xcf for
> recover work should be fine too.


This lists some of the issues related to auto-save; the last few
comments in particular.

> 2 - An option to save custom collor palettes. Yes, sometimes you are
> working on a big draw. Then when you finish a bit of the work and closes
> gimp, the color pallete you were working is lost. And it is very boring
> to keep note of any hexa code for colors.

There are a number of enhancement requests about palettes. I guess that might be an interesting
one. But maybe that is not what you want, your complaint is a bit unclear.


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