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> Hi all!
> The number of lines of code has nothing to do with what is important.
> Gnome is a UI
> Window managers are UI
> GIMP is an Image Manipulation Program
> The User interface is here to allow access to it's capabilities as an image
> manipulation program.
> Or am I mistaken again ?
No, but this doesn't negate the idea that the UI is the most important
part. If GIMP didn't have it's UI, it would instead be something like
ImageMagick. Since people mainly use GIMP in a way that is
incompatible with ImageMagick, it's reasonable to conclude that the
most significant part of GIMP is it's UI.

> Right also.
> But once again what in here prevented the designers from creating two tools?
They did.
And then, they got feedback that said, these tools are too similar, I
think they would work better merged.

> especially when selections can be summed up using different select tools?
> But maybe we should stop arguing on this point, as each argument you try to
> bring in is an argument for my point of view, or has no relation to the
> point you try to defend.
> Maybe I'm having you loosing too much time on these emails.
I'm not losing any time, though you often don't seem to understand;
whether this is because of a language barrier or simply your own
insistence on having a different conversation from everyone else
participating in this discussion, I don't know; but be assured that
any time wasted, is not mine.

>> I can quote Sven as saying that the majority of code in GIMP deals with
>> UI,
>> and my own investigation of GIMP code confirms this.
> I did not investigate, so I'll rely on you, and I can understand this very
> well.
> But it doesn't make the UI any more important.
This is a good point. I addressed it earlier in this email.

> Nothing about pressing ENTER in the status bar. (in french at least)
> Not before you have clicked somewhere to try getting rid of this polygon
> behaviour.
If you will not experiment, it hardly seems likely that you would
discover anything.

>> What have you tried to discover it?
> I was told in a previous mail.

He is asking, 'When you were looking for this feature, what have you
done to discover it?', AFAICS.

> OK
> I thought 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, were major releases. (They look like it from
> outside, with the new splash and so on).
GIMP changes splashes quite frequently. For instance, in the 2.3
development cycle, we went through about 5 different splashes.

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