Hello Gimp Developers!

Thank you so much for work over the years, I'm constantly impressed with
Gimp and how powerful, feature rich, and professionally well done it is as
a FOSS project even when compared up against Photoshop.  I'm getting more
into photography and would like to use Gimp instead of Photoshop

I'm trying to do some color correction in Gimp, particularly "Removing
Color Casts" as I read in this howto[1] from 1998.  The author notes
however that:

  "Unfortunately, the GIMP does not allow the precise color correction
that is available in PhotoShop. This is due to the fact that the Color
Picker does not work in conjunction with Curves."

So I googled, and found this wonderfully explained and proposed feature
request from 1999 that sounds like exactly the same thing:


Has that happened yet? I'll admit that I'm a newbie at Gimp and probably
missed it, but could not find out how to do this from the 2.6 interface. I
encounter the same problem in both "Curves" and "Adjust Color Levels":

"Now there are two main pains with the GIMP in making use of the above
technique.  First, in the Curves tool I have to estimate the place
where I am on a curve and if I move that point I have to estimate
where I've moved it to."

(However, in "Adjust Color Levels" - I did see a picker for
black/grey/white and an 'auto' button (whatever that does). Also, when I
move my mouse pointer over the image, only the X/Y coordinate changes on
the bottom left of the window, it does not display the R,G,B values (as
Lightroom does, as % instead of 0-255) while I need to open the Color
Picker for that.) Please advise if this is possible and I'm just missing

Otherwise, if this is still a pending feature request... where else can I
"bump" it up? I'll throw money at this, and I bet others would to. =)


[1] http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Haven/5179/
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