In addition to Mr Neumann's comments, while the Color Picker dialog  
can not be raised simultaneous with the Curves dialog, you can display  
the Sample Points dialog ("Windows->Dockable Dialogs->Sample Points")  
and display the pixel values for multiple points after placing them on  
the image.

Sample points are created by holding down the CTRL key and dragging  
from one of the rulers on to the image. To move sample points,  
activate the Color Picker and drag them to a new location. To remove a  
sample point, activate the Color Picker and drag it back to one of the  

Quoting "" <>:

> (However, in "Adjust Color Levels" - I did see a picker for
> black/grey/white and an 'auto' button (whatever that does).

The Auto button performs an automatic white balance  
("Colors->Auto->White Balance").

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