i didn't felt welcomed in your open source project.
you lost 1 very valuable hacker...
one of the few hackers of interfaces (of hardware and sofware =)
...in fact, the first one.

ow, la vendetta è un piato che se serve fredo.

i am a darwin kernel developer and will make a 100% open source (up to the
interface) fork of macintosh =)

see, in that project hackers welcome each others as peers...
here... you are too elitist for a mediocre product.
linux too... i won't be basing my project on an ego-project (see name of
project) which is nothing more than a functional copy of minix + gnu (not
bad, but not that good either... linux distro hell)... when BSD was

in my gallery <http://bodigami.deviantart.com/> the best photomanipulations
and textures were made with a (pirated) copy of photoshop 9.0 (sorry adobe,
your product costs an -eye-ball and a half... you -adobe- are the
pirates/thieves; i won't pay more than $150 for a full copy of photoshop...
corel painter essentials works wonders)

gimp doesn't even have a decent mac version...
~3 years i waited... and none substantial improvements.

i will be using photoshop elements for mac os x 10.5
the price is right; free software is a gospel... open source is about

good bye gimp.app, goodbye seashore... you both don't deserve space in my
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