what master? and what the f_ do you know about samādhi? ever heard of
anapanasati? maitri, mudita, karuna, upeksa, om and ahimsa as mantras mean
anything to you?

yeah... follow rules, "thou shall not speak in flamespeak with obvious
egocentric one trick bunnies."

i speak in whatever vernacular you are using.

i was treated as an outsider by default, a "l-user"... well, my memes will
last much, much, much longer than yours... in fact... i am preserving memes
with ~2552 years of existance... coding is fashionable now.

eat whatever flesh (was going to say shit, which isn't much different) you
want alex prouku... 'cuss i am a proud vegan.

read this:

and THEN, talk to me again about meditation

2552/5/28 Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoud...@gmail.com>

> 2009/5/28 Esteban Barahona wrote:
> > it is on paper first, i am no show-off... i am legit... and my priority
> > number zero is meditation.
> > nirvāna first over everything else...
> Well, I hate to tell you but you really should focus on meditation.
> Just in case you were mislead by your tutor, nirvana is a state of
> absolute calmness and being out of the material world, breaking up all
> the cause-and-effect connection with carmic existance. Which is
> clearly not the case for you, since you off your email is about cause
> and effect.
> Keep practicing, I say.
> Alexandre
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