lol... sure, if by waited you meant spending 3 years with all dreams besides
nirvāna on hold as background processes... wtf?! ...i don't have to probe
anything to anyone! that's the beauty of it all... i didn't did it 3 years
ago because i couldn't do it... i didn't did it 3 years ago because i didn't
WANT to... and because if i didn't do it right then, i could do it much
better NOW! and because i was learning

...people are so insecure, online and offline... they cann't see someone
actually HAPPY!

bodigami; using a mac since january 22 of the year '22 (the year i had 22
years, which in the buddhist era is 2551)... yeah, i chose mac os x as
operating system (no pirated copy of windows xp since some months ago! no
linux distro of the month installed!); and am fully aware of the possible
consequences... yii... it's now a safe time to get off the f_ computer, turn
it off, unplug the ethernet cable (paranoid level of security buddie)...
almost 2 whole nights without sleeping! not a fourth, there will not be a
fourth sychotic crisis... you don't know me pal, get the f_ off if you want
to fight... flame away troll... you don't get it.

what? you imagined a samyak-samsam-buddha (lol, to be a typical
indian stereotype of buddhist monk! hell no! buddha-buddie-bunnie prefered
to learn italian than continue in computer science (25% of career completed,
~50% avarage score... sure, i chosed NOT to study for some tests... just put
the name on it... get out... and meditate on a f_ tree =)... but now i am

8 cores, ternary, hexadecimal, decimal native computer... baby... it's a bit
overclocked, that's why it's submerged in liquid oxygen... like a laboratory
rat (poor laboratory rats... lol, rats walking in 2 feet testing rats
walking in all 4s... i am "impressed")...

when i was an unenlightened boddhisattva... yeah right, my past lifes are
encrypted... i am no show-off, i am legit.

wanna test that LSD, psychiatry is crap... it didn't cure me... i cured
myself; with meditation only... no meds now... yeah... LCD for now + iTunes
classic visualization + my favorite music (some pirated; 2872 songs...
exactly)... my play-list :lol:

2552/5/28 Alexia Death <>

> On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 1:43 PM, Alpár Jüttner <> wrote:
>> Stop this thread, please.
> Aww... and it was just getting fun. Trolling trolls always is.
> Esteban, for 3 years you WAITED, instead of actually fixing stuff you don't
> like. You claim to be able to... I dare to doubt it.
> Those that can, do. Those that can't keep wailing how everybody else is
> keeping them from greatness.
> Peace be with you, brother.
> --Alexia
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